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Scarborough Major

Last update 16.09.2017 12:21:31, Creator/Last Upload: lara barnes ia

Starting rank

1EVANS Paul A416258ENG170Lytham Ex-Servicemen
2VLEESHHOUWER Douglas439061ENG170Leeds Cccc
3FALLOWFIELD Nicholas408328ENG169Stourbridge
4ASHCROFT Graham J438090ENG165Preston
5WILLIAMS David434710ENG165Derby
6JACKSON Paul G468614ENG162Coulsdon Cf
7TURNER Tim M416428ENG162
8STAPLES Neil424641ENG161Banbury
9WILSON Matthew R423459ENG161Torquay
10BEST Francis P432571ENG158Shrewsbury
11PATRICK David A468517ENG158Courier Halifax
12CLEGG Robert425150ENG156Huddersfield
13COWARD Neil437590ENG156Blackpool
14ELLIS BrianENG156Thornaby
15CAWSTON M John434000ENG155Lady Anne Mdlton
16PRICE Andrew416126ENG154Leamington
17MITCHESON Robert PcENG152Morpeth
18O'MAHONEY MichaelENG152Wallasey
19ELLAMES George JENG151Morpeth
20ELLIS Philip GENG151Sheffield